Health and safety

Your health and safety during your stay are our biggest concern.

We always privileged a deep cleaning between each traveler way before Covid-19, disinfecting every frequently touched surface, air conditioning filters and much more. Today, we strengthen the deep cleaning with virucide products.

Here you have a non-exhaustive list of measures that we apply for every Campo Vecchio’s accommodation.

Surfaces’ sanitation

We sanitize every surface that it’s frequently touched, from climatisation filters to door handles.

Washing laundry

Sheets, mattress covers, pillowcases, towels… Everything is washed with high temperature.

Usage of approved products

We use cleaning products approved by health experts, for example disinfectants containing at least 70% of alcohol and virucides.

Wearing a mask and gloves

To avoid cross-contamination, we wear a mask and gloves during every clean-up.

Following other local guidelines

We are conformed to the local legislation, including eventual other safety instructions or supplementary cleaning.