Safety regulations and rules


The guest will use the rented property, furniture and amenities in a peaceful manner according to the purpose for which they are described in the lease and will respond for any damage or loss that may occur in the facilities where he/she has exclusive access.

The guest will mantain the rented accommodation and will return it in a proper state. If some objectes are damaged or ruined, Campo Vecchio may claim their replacement value.

The dishwasher, the refrigerator and the trash must be empty, the work-plan tidy, without dishes washed or to be washed. Otherwise, a supplementary cleaning service fee of 20 € will be charged.

Hours of arrival and departure

  • At Campo Vecchio Ghisonaccia (Sole, Mare, Kamerops, Dracena), the guest will be welcomed between 5pm and 10pm;
  • At Campo Vecchio Bastia (La Pierre Noire), the guest will be welcomed between 6pm and 10pm;
  • Possibility to drop off the luggage before 5pm, you are welcomed to signal it to us beforehand;
  • The check-out will be effectuated at 10am maximum.

Noise pollution

The guest must avoid all noise that might bother the neighborhood, in particular that emitted by radio sets, television, speakers and others.

No noticeable noise after 10pm.

People and belongings’ security

The guest won’t be able to exercise any appeal against Campo Vecchio in case of robbery and depredation in the properties.

The guest will respect the maximum number people allowed in the properties, in accordance with the documentation that was given.

For safety reasons, candles of any kind are strictly forbidden.

Campo Vecchio retains the right to close off the barbecues available on site for safety reasons and/or prefectural order.

Campo Vecchio’s accommodations are non-smoking areas.

Organizing parties or gatherings is forbidden.

Throwing your cigarettes butts, cans and bottles in the property is forbidden.


The pool is located at Campo Vecchio Ghisonaccia (Sole, Mare, Kamerops, Dracena). Campo Vecchio Bastia (La Pierre Noire) does not have a pool.

The use of the pool is exclusively reserved to Campo Vecchio’s guests.

  • Swimming is not supervised. Do not leave kids alone, they are under their parents’ responsibility;
  • For the safety of our young travelers, make sure to close the pool gate behind you;
  • The pool being shared and in respect of the next traveler, deck chairs will stay at their original place and beach umbrellas will be closed after your stay at the pool;
  • “Pool” deck chairs will be used exclusively at the pool;
  • It is strictly forbidden to eat in the pool area;
  • Respect the rules displayed at the entrance of the pool.


Pets are not admitted.

Violation of safety regulations and rules

In case a guest doesn’t respect the listed safety regulations and rules, Campo Vecchio retains the right to expel him/her without notice nor refund.