Discover Campo Vecchio

We have 4 rentals in Ghisonaccia (Campo Vecchio) and one apartment in Bastia.

Interactive maps

The Campo Vecchio in Ghisonaccia – View from the sky

Our rental in Bastia – View from the sky

Our commitments

Since the 80s, our parents cared about offering rentals away from the seasonal noise in a pleasant, family-like environment that already satisfied plenty of travelers. Click here to discover our story.

As of today, and while keeping a family-like spirit, we carry on with our commitment to Campo Vecchio’s authentic DNA: calmness, pleasantness and standing.

While being discreet, we will remain at your disposal to give you every needed information that will make your stay a success. Delightful spots at the beach, places to not miss out on during your visit, gems of our gastronomy and festivities that will make this piece of Costa Serena, an unforgettable memory. It’s the same for our apartment in Bastia La Pierre Noire. Ask us, everything is possible! 

Wether it is in Bastia or Ghisonaccia, we value the importance of providing a quality service. All our rentals have a quality standing. Going from little spoon to peppermill, passing through air conditioning, parking spot, Wifi, bed sheets, towels and many more are included in each of our rentals. Enjoy the peace of mind of no hidden fees. Click here to discover our list of amenities.

At last, you may have understood that coming to Campo Vecchio means feeling at home within family. You will come as visitors and leave as friends.